Iberostar Grand Bávaro

Playa Bávaro, Dominican Rep.

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Since we all choose a position for resting in bed, according to habit or body type, it is essential for us to enjoy 'our' own pillow. At your disposal:

Aromatherapy Fragrance

It is proven that scents have an effect on humans, from putting us in the right state of mind to awakening passion, so we need to choose the one that’s most beneficial to us:

Mini Bar

To quench your thirst, to have available during your leisure or down time, Iberostar allows you to choose the products you’d like to have on hand in your room:

Theme restaurants

1) A sign of distinction and good taste, culinary science, gastronomy, has become a fashionable pleasure, which is why Iberostar offers the best theme restaurants at the Grand Collection hotels. 2) To make a reservation, simply indicate the date, time an


Guests of the Iberostar Grand Collection hotels have sports facilities like standard tennis courts for amateur players at their disposal.


If you prefer to have a specialist to give you guidance and help you to concentrate or exercise, Iberostar has certified instructors on hand just for that.

Tee Time Reservations

Considered a complete and addictive sport, there are no vacations or rest for a golfer without being able to play. To enjoy unforgettable games Iberostar makes the fields of your dreams available to you.

Spa Reservations

Rest, pleasure, relaxation and wellbeing. Iberostar SPA Sensations and SPA Sensations THAI ZEN locations focus on water as a key element in its luxurious, health-inspired spa environments.


Down- Soft. Filling 50%feather, 50% Duvet down. Outer fabric 100% cotton. It provides for immediate recuperation and a soft touch for a natural rest.
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Medium Soft. Filling 100% natural fiber. Outer fabric 100% cotton. The special natural fiber filling ensures softness and comfort. Its natural components provide for a soft, comfortable rest.
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Medium soft. 100% latex block filling. Styled satin outer fabric. It is completely adaptable to body shape providing a restful sleep, also ideal for allergy sufferers and for those who like to sleep with high and firm support.
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Medium soft. 100% latex block filling. Outer fabric 100% cotton. Ideal for people with neck problems or injuries. Hollow fiber filling with a special design that allows for a healthy and restful sleep, providing maximum care of your physical form.
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Medium soft. Filled with hollow balls of 100% combined silicone fiber. Outer fabric 100% cotton. With a special design that allows for a healthy and restful sleep, providing maximum care of your physical form. It provides for immediate recuperation and a
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Firm. Double stuffed combination. Hollow fiber core of 100% silicone polyester. Outer fabric 100% cotton. The inner core provides for a high degree of recuperation, and is allowed for use by people with allergies.
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A warm and comforting aroma, ideal for relaxing, peaceful moments. A citrus-based scent with notes of lemon, mandarin and almond, and with hints of lily of the valley and musk.
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A slightly woody, floral scent, perfect for creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere. A delicate fragrance with a lot of personality. It gives hints of rose, peony, lily of the valley, cedar and musk.
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An intriguing fragrance designed to stimulate through positive energy. With a citrus, woody, fruity base, this scent has a variety of shades with grapefruit, green apple, nutmeg, geranium, vetiver, cedar, spearmint and patchouli.
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Miniature Ron White

Miniature Vodka

Miniature Whisky

Miniature Gin

Miniature Red Wine Cabernet


Non-carbonated Mineral water

Carbonated mineral water

Light beer

Regular beer

Snack fried potatoes chips

Snack roasted peanuts

Orange and grape juice

Tonic waters

Miniature White Wine Chardonnay

The Tentazione (Italian)

Besides traditional pasta dishes, Italian cuisine also includes meats exquisitely prepared in a variety of ways such as breaded cutlets or fillets. Don’t miss the dessert menu.
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Hashira (Japanese)

With characteristic Far East decor, you can choose between different appetizers at the sushi bar, or the most unique dishes of Asian cuisine, prepared directly at the teppanyaki table.
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Le Tourbillon (Gourmet)

Its main feature is the sophistication of its dishes and simplicity blended with sharp combinations of international flavor served in an elegant and seductive setting.
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The Galleon (Sea & Land)

Amazing a la carte restaurant offering a wide variety of dishes and especially grilled or broiled American steaks. This is the perfect place for a special dinner in an elegant atmosphere.
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Tennis courts

Choose the date and time you want to play and hit select.
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Tennis Classes

Choose the date and time you want to play and hit select.
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A classic sport par excellence, which has fans of all ages and all conditions. Grass, clay, Green Set... just a grab a tennis racket and balls, to the court!
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You do not need great skill to have a good time learning to shoot with a bow, a prehistoric sport that tests our skills and fitness.
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exercise and meditation gives greater physical and mental wellbeing. There are different ways depending on the level and degree of commitment of each 'yogi' but it is a complex, complete and energetic exercise.
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French, English, American ... there are many forms of this precision sport that requires a great deal of skill and concentration and is great entertainment for all ages.
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It's always a good time to improve your swing, grip, or that approach that keeps eluding you. Instructors on Iberstar’s courses accompany you and help you with your game along the way.
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high-energy exercise, known as indoor cycling, requires a monitor to mark positions, rhythms and tempos so that our effort gets results.
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Tai Chi

physical and spiritual martial art with great health benefits. Originating in China, the practice has spread throughout the whole world and it is not uncommon to find groups in gardens, parks, swimming pools or beaches searching for well-being.
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Ping Pong

Equal parts entertainment and Olympic sport, it not enough to have a table, ball and paddle to be a good tennis player; take one class to try it out and one hundred so you can compete.
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In a pair or on a team there’s no better way to take in and enjoy the sea if you’re feeling restless than to play beach volleyball. Iberostar is waiting for you on the sand.
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Side, up, side, down, change...! The effort and aerobic results are multiplied when, while moving, our teachers add a module or two of step. We encourage you to try it soon!
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The hotel's staff also likes to help you relax your body. PIAS is an anti-stress massage done with a roller covered with almond oil that is run across your body.
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Water Polo

In a team, in the water, for endurance swimmers and athletes or beginners, our instructors will help you achieve the best goals in a thrilling match.
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Aerodance is a trendy form of exercise that combines dance steps with aerobics. Experts say it's a great way to lose weight in record time.
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Spanish Dance

Strength, roots, dedication and feeling are the basis of a form of dance from Spain, which is sweeping the globe. Getting results is always a great satisfaction, especially through this dance of great beauty.
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Tee Time

Look up the fields, conditions or equipment available and make your reservation.
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Therapeutic Massage

Based on physiotherapeutic and energetic principles, this type of massage offers many health benefits. Several varieties―please ask request a consultation.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic in nature, the deep tissue massage uses friction to manipulate certain body parts, ultimately reaching the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.
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Hot Stone Massage

A recent spa trend in which hot and cold stones are applied to the skin in order to eliminate pain and regulate sleep as well as revitalize, illuminate and oxygenate the skin.
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Four Hand Massage

The tandem, four hand massage is performed by a pair of professional massage therapists working simultaneously to achieve the highest possible level of relaxation in addition to an unforgettable sensory experience. Relaxing and therapeutic properties.
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Shiatsu Massage

Grounded in traditional Chinese medicinal philosophy, Shiatsu utilizes the fundamentals of vital life energy known as Qi. Massage therapists apply different points of acupressure, which aid in the balance of mind and body.
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Thai Massage

The most luxurious massage in the world. The combination of acupressure, kneading and stretching loosens the joints and improves cardiovascular circulation. Vitality and energy are restored.
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Treatment includes nutritive and detoxifying products to provide a fresh, clean appearance to the face. It is left looking and feeling luminous, young and healthy. Your esthetician will recommend specific treatment options customized for your skin type.
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Ritual Massage

Each spa features an assortment of ritual massages originating from some of the world's most remote locations. These distinctive treatments implement exotic and unique products that create the unforgettable effects of beauty and wellbeing.
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Hair Removal

All of our temporary hair removal treatments are followed by the application of a post-removal cream to reduce irritation. Ask about our anti-bump hair-reducing treatment as well.
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All of our hotels offer salon services, such as wash, cut, style, color, hydration or straightening treatments, etc. performed by accredited professionals and specialists.
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In both men and women, care for one's hands and fingernails can be essential for professional and personal reasons. Choose from regular or French, or consult our manicurists for customized options.
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Performed by skilled manicurists, our pedicures are guaranteed to pamper your feet with beauty and relaxation. Choose from regular or French as well as exfoliation, soothing and hydration treatments.
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Body Treatments

Full-body exfoliating treatments, exotic wraps customized to skin type, lymphatic drainage massages, relaxation massages, muscle-relieving massages and slimming treatments are some of the many choices available at Iberostar spas.
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Hair Braiding

No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without a braiding session. Braiding can be done in the salon, by the pool, in your hotel room or on the beach. New, different, comfortable...the chance to change your look for a few days!
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