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Escape to the Amazon


There’s nothing quite like the Amazon rainforest—expanding across multiple countries, covering nearly two million square miles, it’s been in existence for roughly 55 million years and continues to thrill and impress travelers to this day. A natural wonder that no words can fully describe, the Amazon is a definitely a destination best experienced first-hand. Drifting down the Amazon, the draw of spotting exotic  animals go hand-in-hand with taking in the jungle’s lush beauty. Catch a glimpse of one of the area’s largest predators, the black caiman (part of the alligator family), sunbathing on the river’s banks or the iconic Scarlet Macaw—with its telltale red, yellow, and blue feathers—soaring through the trees. At every turn there is something to be amazed by with over a thousand species of flora and fauna that thrive in the Amazon. Cutting through the rich biodiversity of the Amazon is the world’s largest river of the same name, spanning over 4,000 miles in length. At the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, the two rivers that meet up to make the Amazon, sits the largest city in the rainforest. Located in the northern part of Brazil, Manaus has its own unique personality with a variety of adventures waiting.

The tastes of Brazil 
Unique to each of its diverse regions, Brazilian cuisine takes varying cues from European, African, and indigenous cultures. In the Amazon, native influences reign supreme in dishes like Maniçoba, a hearty meal made with meats that are salted, dried, and smoked  then mixed with boiled Manioc leaves and served with farina on festive occasions. Another local favorite is escabeche, which is made with freshwater fish that is marinated then fried to perfection.

The sights along the Amazon
Drifting down the Amazon River is no sleepy cruise, but a constant sensorial experience. While sitting on the deck, travelers can listen to the birds and baboons calling out, spot alligators or pink dolphins in the water, or simply breathe in the aroma of flowers in bloom.

The luxuries of the Amazon
The Amazon may be lush and thriving, but few destinations along its river banks offer views and experiences with such grandeur as the Grand Amazon.

The best time to go
It would not be called a rainforest without some rain, so depending on what guests want to see, any time of the year guarantees rewarding options. While the lowest humidity levels are between June and November, some of the best wildlife spotting happens between December and March.

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Country Brazil

Capital City Manaus



LANGUAGE Portuguese

A Picture-Perfect Brazilian Getaway

Meet the astounding Amazon
Grand Iberostar’s only floating, all-inclusive, family-friendly luxury hotel doesn’t skimp on the amenities or the experiences. The cruise liner itself includes spacious cabins, a pool, and a one-of-a-kind roving view of the Amazon river and rainforests.

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Unwind in paradise

As travelers float down the Amazon, they can indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation: detoxing with hydrating body wraps and revitalizing facials that leave skin brighter and more radiant, or drifting off into bliss with a deep-tissue massage from one of our expert therapists. Serenity is just moments away aboard the Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon.

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Unforgettable experiences on the Amazon

There are many reasons to visit Brazil, and many ways to explore its best destinations, but floating down the world’s largest river in a luxury cruise liner is an experience all its own.
The Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon is designed to not only take travelers on a journey through the Amazon, but also on a journey through gastronomic delights inspired by local flavors. Relax on the deck or by the pool of the eco-friendly Grand Hotel-Ship Amazon while experiencing the entire world of flora and fauna that make up the Amazonian ecosystem. The ship offers two experiences along the Amazon river, a 4-night cruise down the Rio Negro and a 3-night excursion down the Rio Solimões. Along the 3 or 4 day journey, guests can opt for a host of activities like piranha fishing, touring local villages, or spotting pink dolphins and alligators. Embark upon unique excursions and adventures into the jungles without giving up the comforts of a 5-star hotel—a truly unforgettable experience!

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Grand Hotels in Brazil 

Explore the Amazon


Journey down Rio Negro or Rio Solimões

Regardless of the side of the Amazon guests opt to travel down, there’s a full range of activities that take advantage of the natural charms and incomparable beauty of the world’s largest and most extraordinary river. Explore the jungles by day, and indulge in 5-star cuisines, live music, and traditional dances at night.

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Exploring Manaus

While the natural wonders of the Amazon River and surrounding jungles are the biggest attractions, the city of Manaus also has some historic gems to discover. The Teatro Amazonas is an opera house that has hosted many of the world’s greatest singers. Inspired by Les Halles in Paris, Manaus’ municipal market building is also worth a visit, along with the goods and artisan crafts that can be found there.

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